snow and sewing

Snow storm today… It is absolutely beautiful out, we spent about 2 hours outside playing with friends, building snow forts, shoveling, riding on sleds, snowball fights… you get the picture.   The moment we stepped inside S began asking to use her new little sewing machine again.  It was by far her favorite present that she opened last night, within 30 minutes of opening it she sewed up these two little felt sleeping bags and pillows for her littlest pet shop animals and a little bag with a heart pocket for them today.

I have really been wanting to find a way to spend some special time with just her, so this may be the ticket.  To be honest when I was about her age I had a little rabbit family of calico critters, I spent hours hand-sewing clothes and little beds with embroidered carrots on them.  Glad to see her developing this passion on her own (and with maybe a little encouragement.)

The coolest part of this is I got this little pixie sewing machine for free!  Yep sometimes others cast-offs become our new treasures.  I was wanting to get her one anyways to learn on but wasn’t sure that she was old enough.  I should have known with all the exposure this kid has, she would know just what to do.

More about this little machine, the reviews I read online for this and other kids/crafting machines are really not that great.   So I must have scored that 1 in 1000 machine, because I love it!  This is such a great machine for a new little learner or crafter.  It comes with a petal, multiple stitch patterns, a back-stitch, even a light, not to mention that its purple!  When she gets enough practice I will just move her up to my larger machine.  I love how small and light it is, very easy to pull out for a quick little project or sewing on paper.  If you are really getting into sewing or have an older child you may want to research a student version or simple sewing machine, but this works great for this purpose.  Six year old approved!



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