for her baked brie

As mentioned before my in-laws thrive in the kitchen.  This is largely motivated by my mother-in-law who speaks the language of food and entertaining.  She is also an excellent master gardner.  The last few springs A and I have visited around easter which coincidently is also when all things are beginning to grow.  Luckily for me she is willing to share.  By that I mean we drive down with the bare essentials so I can stuff the maximum amount of greenage, root bases, and this last spring a 5 ft cranberry bush into the trunk of our car.  Oh and the kids are in the back too amidst the jungle.

This past year she gave me a ton of beautiful giant hostas which inspired multiple projects in clay.   Including my hosta wall vases which have been some of my best sellers in my etsy shop.  Near the end of the season I made one lone platter with 1 inch walls perfect for her appetizers.  As stoneware can go straight from the oven to the table it will make a unique presentation.  I am hoping it will inspire her to make some of her delicious baked brie this holiday visit…    I can’t wait to give her this gift as I know it will  blend two of her loves gardening and cooking, and it comes with such a special story.  Thanks for the hostas and the inspiration!



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