practically perfect

We took our girls to see Mary Poppins this week at the Detroit Opera House.  It really is not what you expect and perfectly wonderful at the same time.  Did you know there are eight Mary Poppins books  written by P.L Travers?  The play wove together different scenes and characters of the stories as well as music and scenes adapted from Disney’s movie version.  There was quite a bit of new content for me.

I was caught slightly off guard by the storyline, but the excellent stage and second act sold me.   The set was gorgeous, especially the house which opened like the page of a pop out book or more so like a storybook, fitting for a drama highlighting a children’s book.  The step-in-time scene was magical in its own right, the dancing and set pieces were whirling in and out of sight, additionally the dancers threw in elements that acoustically reminded me of stomp.  My girls were entranced, H leaned over “Mom, this was a really good idea.”

After more research online I really am amazed with the details in the production, and the depth of the story.  I think I need to see if our little local library has the collection.  There were costume changes, kites, a bit of magic, and of course flying.  The best was saved for last when she flew literally over us.  We were in the front balcony on the left side, yup there went Mary right over the audience, right over us.  Amazingly magical!

My girls were all decked out, because if you don’t dress up to go to the theater what do you get dressed up for?  My mom and sister gave them these beautiful dresses for their birthdays, which I am thankful (that takes care of all holiday wear). My grandmother loved the opera and theater being a bit of a performer herself.   When she passed away I inherited a number of her costume jewelry pieces.  I thought this would be a perfect occasion to share them with my girls, one with faux emeralds, and the other faux sapphires.  We were talking about how auntie E would most likely cry when she saw the whole ensemble, “why” they asked.  “Oh, because she is sentimental, which means you cry easily.”  Sure enough, center theater, E enters with tears, “ See” I told them “sentimental.”

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