Pistachio Brittle

My dad loves nuts,  as long as I can remember he has been crazy about them.  Jars of peanuts in the car, for snacking, on the counter, stuffed in his pocket while skiing…  Recent years he has gotten into peanut brittle, last year he bought as much as he could find at Christmas.  Keeping to his consumable only Christmas gift rule, he often receives huge tubs of pistachios or peanuts at Christmas.  You don’t have to worry if people give him multiples, the more the better!

I bought him shelled pistachios this year, but I have this yearning to change and personalize every gift I get in some slight way.  Is there a way to blend pistachios and peanut brittle – sure bet there is.  After some research online, I learned you can add pretty much any nut you want to brittle.  Most of the recipes were the same, with slight variations of amounts of sugar, salt and nuts.  I chose the simplest one for my first attempt.  I think I am going to mix it up a bit next time as other recipes add, butter, corn syrup and vanilla or mint extract.

I also made this bowl for him to stash just a few more stockpiles of nuts or brittle in.  The stoneware is dishwasher safe and big enough for a mans hand to reach into.  You can’t eat it but you can eat out of it – he’ll get over this slight stretch.   I tried out some new glaze, my favorite latte on the inside and coyotes pistachio shino on the outside – pretty fitting considering the contents.  Merry Christmas Dad!



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