butterfly party

We had such a great and eventful Christmas season, in addition to the big day the neighbors down the road set off fireworks Christmas eve, we travelled down to Pittsburg to see Cirque dreams Holidaze show and my husband’s family hosted this awesome Butterfly party.   Accompanying the great food, Rick Mikuala aka the butterfly guy was the entertainment, as we were all spellbound by his 20+ years of raising butterflies,  stories of traveling the world, and knowledge of the different species in his creative and entertaining educational program.  My favorite was when he said “they speak in color”,  I so resonate with that.  They are such beautiful creatures and I was so thankful to learn more about them and see my kiddos entranced.

Last year we found Monarch eggs and raised them to release.   It was awesome to watch their transformations but this just opened our world to all the different types of butterflies, their cocoons or chrysalis and the different ways to identify them.  He has written several books, I hope to get the ones found here and here.  The whole program I kept thinking of my friends at SpringHill who LOVE butterflies and wished they were there to glean from this wealth of knowledge.   I am excited to try out all the tips he gave about feeding, gardening and catching them.  We are definitely going to make our own traps and butterfly motels, when it gets warm… which may be a while.

Cousins wearing their butterfly wings and lovin every minute of their holiday together!

His funny demonstration on butterfly parts, noses on antenna, mouths on their legs, many eyes.

H petting the real butterfly.  He also brought this huge leaf bug which grows up the size of a lobster from Australia.

The smallest and largest butterflies.

This one is neat, the top one isn’t green, it’s blue and yellow.  I know right, that’s what makes blue…. but they really are separate colors.  Supposedly the US gov studied this guy before they came out with the new currency design.  Thats where the iridescent part was inspired – a butterfly.

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