colorful looms

Remember these?  My girls each got one for Christmas (thanks nana).  In the savoring of our last few days of break we pulled these out.  How much fun I have making crafts with the kids.  Maybe too much?  Anyone have some great ideas, for a growing collection of these?

In just a few moments I have to pick myself off the couch and start our day.  I promised fresh blueberry lemon muffins to the kindergarter who is not so excited to return to school today.  I am so thankful for late-start Wednesdays this year – especially on a day like today!


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I am a wife, mother, friend, artist, swimmer, traveler, cook, adventurer and follower of Christ. This is where I share the best moments in my day – the kind you know would be a crime to keep to yourself. I write like I talk, not too fancy but from the heart. View all posts by Kate

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