teaching art history

I love art history,  somehow history just seems clearer when studying it through visual images.  I could never keep track of wars and time periods without it.  I loved all my courses in college and was tempted to study art history before settling in art education.

When teaching I think it is so important to teach kids through art history and artists work.  This fall I taught an after-school pottery class at the elementary school.  We did a project based off of Van Gogh’s landscapes.  After talking about what types of things are in a landscape, horizon line, composition, I encouraged them to make a landscape that was personal to them.   I really wanted to do a project with them that would be different from what they do in school.   The tiles with the orange backgrounds are the students finished projects.  I love their creativity and how each plaque turned out uniquely.

I have put my starry night and sunflowers plaque up for sale in my etsy shop, but am definitely keeping my little girls project, can you guess which one is hers?  She was the lone kindergartner in a group of third and fourth graders.

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