dirty hands and new forms

I had a great day in my studio today! I was so excited to get back to work after Christmas but for some reason dragged my feet, from jumping in.  I am really trying to push my comfort zone and work some new forms.  Each time something emerges it just makes me want to spend more time in the mud.

new forms:  ceramic juicer

I am trilled about this one… we use a ton of lemon in our cooking but it would be great for any kind of citrus.  When the clay hardens a bit, I will add a handle opposite the spout, trim the bottom  and carve into the juicer dome.  This was my first try, so I am excited it turned out so great.  I think I will try a few more this weekend.

new pendants: faux-bois/ petrified wood

I made my own little faux-bois tool today using a plastic tube and a glue gun.  It turned out to be just the right depth to press into clay.  These little pendants are 1.5 inches in diameter and I am excited about the bib/collar necklace to the right.  I can’t wait to see how these transform with glaze.


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2 responses to “dirty hands and new forms

  • Tim Rueb

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. When I first saw your ceramic juicer my thought was “Wow, a coconut juicer! How cool!” For some reason it just looked very large to me. 8)

    Good luck on the Post a Week goal this year.

    • Kate

      Thanks! It’s a close up shot, I think it will shrink a bit too when it dries. It seems like everything else I make always shrinks at least 20%.

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