waiting for snow and dreaming of a new camera strap

Well no snow yet… every school is around us is closed except us!  I am seeing many joyous announcements of folks on facebook who already know they have a snow day tomorrow.  I imagine I will find out at 4AM when I hear the snow plows charging indignantly down my street.  I wonder how many garbage cans they will hit since it’s garbage day too…

Any how,  I have been looking up new kilns tonight and more realistically thinking about a new camera strap.  I found this great little tutorial at Ikat bag on making them here .  I have been looking for fabric but then it dawned on me that a cotton dish towel would be the perfect size.  I don’t know how you feel repurposing but this would be a perfect upcycle.  They make some of the most gorgeous fabric into towels especially at crate and barrel.  I just want to frame some of them.  So not sure if these are the ones I am going to settle on but they suit my fancy tonight and now that I am posting, they look very similar to me.  humm…

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