An artist named Catherine

As a ceramist, I have much to learn about form, function and surface.  Every once in a while, I think there is just too much to learn.  Why spend all the time and resources to pursue something, when someone can run to target and buy a knock off replica or plastic plate?

I have been spending a fair amount of time researching and discovering new artists. This week I was impressed with Catherine Wirth.  There is such a depth and breath of her work, which one can only build over time.  I love her process, and her sketches which become part of the body itself.  She mixes media (clay, paper, charcoal, paint), and combines them to finish her works.  When I think about what I want to make I think of a consistent niche like this,  that I am sure will build over time as well.

Admist several set backs last week, I am encouraged by my friend April’s post on creativity creed by Don Perini.  It was just what I needed to see as I realized I have become so much of that list in the last few years without even knowing it.    I am not creating for Target, I am creating from the passion within, the desire to make meaningful and personal pieces that tie my love for clay, function, and faith.

So my big jump this week:

I checked out a used kiln to purchase, made an offer on it,  now I just have to figure how to get it here and get the electric to hook it up.

Moving forward!

* part of Catherine’s sketchbook exhibit found here.

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