woodgrain love

These have been sitting out all week on various surfaces at home, I love walking past to steal a peek.  I have been testing out new textures and glazes and the combinations of each.  For the last few years I have loved the look of birch bark which is abundant around here on fallen trees and the texture of woodgrain. I think my environment is beginning to influence my style!

I am still exploring as an artist, trying to figure out what I am drawn to make. These are a few test pieces but I feel they really bring me a step closer to where I want to be.  The rectangles I made to be book covers,  I am excited to make some signatures and try out a Coptic stitch to bind one-of-kind journals.  The squares will be made into necklaces, I will embroider around the one with the golden heart.  The small circles were made purely to test glaze colors, I am loving the earthy tones. Also the half circle will be a bib style necklace I am picturing would be great with a scoop neck or strapless top.  Honestly, I have gotten less stylish since becoming a mom maybe it’s just being modest, it just seems less important to keep up with trends.  Thankfully my kids are the cutest accessories and I am able to enjoy them and pursue my passions, that’s the priceless part.




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