move over cardboard there’s a new hard cover in town.

Every once in a while I dabble in bookmaking.  I used to make my own journals all though college, just little ones that tucked just so in your pocket and weren’t too daunting to fill.  I still have them all, they full of thoughts, memory verses, sketches, ideas, remnants of daily life.  Most of them are stained in some area with coffee and I keep them together in a burlap sack.  I still like making small journals, lately I have been trying to take my craft to a new level.

Before Christmas I posted about a trip to Hollanders here,  I would love to take one of their many classes in bookbinding or printmaking.  Last time I was there I bought new text blocks to make journals but hadn’t done anything with them.  So it dawned on me  to combine book-making with my passion for clay – Here are my first round of ceramic book covers I made just before Christmas.   I was so excited to see how they turned out, if they warped in the kiln and their shrinkage rate.

A few months later I finally have completed my concept idea.  They indeed shrunk quite a bit more that expected so I had to make my own signatures (papers inside) for them. I used leather for the back cover for durability, cutting, tooling and staining them.  They are bound with a Coptic stitch binding, created with wax linen thread, sewn with a curved needle.  Thanks mom for the new bookbinding book for my birthday, it has already come in handy.   I love the variety in materials and the overall texture and rich feel.  I am so thankful to have the ability and control to choose materials for every step of this process.

To complete these books I figured I used these FIVE artisan skills:

– ceramics (for the top cover)

– painting ( color selections/ glazing)

– paper crafting (to make the inside signatures)

– leather working (for the back cover)

– sewing (for the hand-bound edges)

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.  I don’t know if these two will make it into the etsy shop, I think I am quite attached to them.  I will definitely make more…


** now availabe in my etsy shop, click on the link for more designs and colors!


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