need a retreat? yurt on.

My husband has this dream of building our own home, a beautiful timber-frame home.  I love when he draws home plans and researches, and pray that one day it may become a reality.  I truly love the look of exposed beams and large windows. Perhaps it makes smaller spaces seem more open.  He has great ideas, not that I don’t have a few of my own to contribute…

I am drawn to the idea of a handmade home, beautiful and functional and serves as retreat surrounded by nature.  I dream of land for a decent garden, room for gatherings, and a studio,  ooh and being water too, is that too much to ask?

A while back I stumbled along a story of the Farrells who built a little respite of their own.  They gathered fifty of their closest friends to help them build a yurt in the Adirondack Mountains.   They finished in 10 days and have been visiting the site for the last 30 years, adding a sauna, stream powered hot tub and several other buildings along the way.  Check out more of their great story and pictures here.

While this is not a timber-frame home or their primary residence I love that the basis of this place is quality time and community.   When put that way, I realize I am part of a little community just like this, SpringHill!  I think this is what draws people to camp, are the memories associated with being around nature, a common faith, campfires and unique housing (but we call our yurts, wigwams…)  No hot-tub or sauna yet but we have plenty of lakes and streams.  As the snow melts our winter retreats are finishing up and the landscape begins to look a little more like this… oh summer, come forth, we are ready!

I am thankful that no matter how much I can dream up, I have a maker who created the heavens and the earth and has already blessed me beyond my imagination.


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6 responses to “need a retreat? yurt on.

  • Andy

    gosh…it takes me more than 10 days just to draw a sketch.

  • Anya

    My husband and I have also been dreaming along those lines: how perfect to have an earthy home, built by yourself and the people close to you. I thought it would also be neat to offer those same people a place of retreat – like an extra room built on so that the friends we love could come out and spend a week (or a month) relaxing, getting back in touch with nature, remembering the most important things…

    I don’t know if you know, there are actually several companies that offer pre-made house building kits. You buy the kit (ie. all of the materials, boards, etc., pre-cut, ready to assemble) and put the house together yourselves. Here is one website I’ve been eyeing (it has exposed wood beams on the inside of its houses) :

    But as you say, while the dreaming must happen, for now there’s camping, and the assurance of blessings from our Father, and promises of greater things to come :) .

  • l0ve0utl0ud

    Lovely post. I would love to build my own home, too. You may like a fantastic book called ‘Tree Houses of the World’. It has some of the best designs I have seen.

  • Stila Webb

    My husband told me about Yurts a few years ago and I thought he was nuts. Since then, I have done a lot of thinking and research, and I want one so much! I would love a peaceful retreat in the North Country with a cosy Yurt on it for cheap, quick getaways. And of course the wood stove helps!

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