Not intended for the shelf

As promised I have been working on these and quite a few are now available in the shop.  More to come shortly.  You can learn more about these journals by reading this post, which was picked up by WordPress’ Freshly Pressed.

Luckily my mom came up this week before the **last** storm of the season (fingers crossed).  Fortunately we were blessed with two snow days – I am reflecting merely on the “time together,” not being blessed with the new foot of snow.  It was great to have her around and I am thankful for her hands-on-time with the girls.  I was able to get a bit more done as I have been planning some Spring events for camp, finishing art projects, taking photographs, listing items on etsy, cooking, cleaning, multiple (6) loads of laundry, and held a friend’s new baby, who was just 1 day old. As a side note I ran 15 miles this week! I don’t think I have ever run that much, but it feels good to get out and takes less time than the pool. Now it’s the weekend, time to slow down and enjoy the much-needed sunshine.

I think I am really liking photography too lately, hope you enjoy:

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