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I had some left over pieces of clay after cutting out the windows in my larger journals.  Not wasting the time it took to create them, I decided to make them into mini journals.  This is great fun for me and gave me a chance to practice the Coptic stitch with paired (two) needles.  I remembered after this that I used to make such books when I was a little girl.  I had a set of calico critters, gray bunnies that I cherished greatly.  Back then I spent hours sewing cloaks for them out of felt, making beds with little embroidered carrots on them, and lastly little books for them to use at school.   I nearly forgot about this little set until my girls receive an identical new rabbit family as a gift, and 20 years later sent me searching for the silver Crowley’s gift box which I used to keep them in.  Now days the old and new are all mixed together and my girls love playing with them.  I am amazed at the vintage handmade items, how they fancy them as I used to, the creativity at even that young age and of my youth.  Do the joys of childhood transfer over to adulthood?  Does our innocent play speak of who we are created to be?

Last summer I was in a bible study with three other amazing women, in which we worked through Experiencing God  by Blackaby and King.  We  talked about spiritual markers in our faith journeys and how to draw on them and grow from them.  Spiritual markers were defined in the book as “ The times God clearly spoke to you that are recorded in your spiritual journal can become spiritual markers in your life.  Go back and review your journal six months, one year, and two years later.  Observe ways God has been faithful to do what He promised.  Examine whether you have been faithful to obey what you knew God was telling you to do.  It can be rewarding to see how much you have grown spiritually since you wrote in your journal in times past.  When you face times of transition in your life,  what God said to you in your journal can also provide clear direction for you as you make decisions today.”

I tried to start this blog a couple of years ago but failed, only writing a few entries, in that two-year span.   The timing was not right but as I look back I see this early reflection  here written nearly two years ago.  I am kind of amazed at timing, the nature of it, the building of events and experiences.  I am learning about the documentation of it and how best to capture them.  My spiritual growth and my journey to become an artist is not stagnant but abundant!  I heeded that advice in Georgia, from the retreat and from the locker room.  Learning the good with the challenging, I can honestly say I love my family more, God more, and am following those early passions of creating and working in clay.  I taught over 90 students at our little studio in town, and wrote a grant for a pottery studio.  I am currently taking time off teaching to pursue my own artwork, and building my own home studio.   I still haven’t gone back for my Masters degree but will be watching for the right time.  Overall I am thankful, for the few records I have kept, old discoveries that help me to have confidence in this journey, and the time to keep playing!.  It also is sweet to watch my kids play and dream about who they will grow up to be… so far so good.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6




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