Live. Move. Be.

Acts 17:28   ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’

We had such a great and FULL weekend around these parts.  I had a wonderful time, serving at the SpringHill spring women’s retreat.   It is unlike any other camp or retreat we do here, check out what our camp president has to say about it here.

There were over 75 women who joined in on the silk scarf painting!  Sometimes it is challenging to get people to branch out and tap into their creative side, as opposed to following a set example.   But here’s why I think it is so important, we are all created as unique individuals with a unique story and unique song inside of us.  I tried to challenge the ladies to work from their own heart and make their scarf an extension of that place they are at.  I am amazed at the diversity of each design,  truly we are made by a Creative God!

That being said it was awesome seeing each unique painting offering a glimpse of the individual story of the woman at work behind it.    I hope you enjoy  the pictures and I hope I get to lead another craft at our Fall retreat this year!

September 30 – October 2  with  Liz Curtis Higgs & Alanna Story

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