the lost art of making

I made something today.  We are quite avid cloth napkin users because they are so easy and super handy.   We always tend to grab sets of napkins, or two of one pattern for the adults and two of another for the kids.  Inevitably they all get mixed up and we can’t remember whose is whose.  I saw a set that I really liked at a big box store but the price tag I did not…  so I decided to make some.  Scoring a sale on fat-quarter fabric, I wound up with six perfect different batik colors for honestly less than one priced in the pre-made set.

After cutting and ironing, I was somewhere between “these are pretty easy” and “man there are a lot of steps”.  I was determined to not sell out for convenience. The shame in buying would be the instant gratification, added price, and the cost of one more thing…  skills.  Sure there are lots of crafty people who make things for fun, but what if it was your job, what if you had no other option but to make the thing you needed?  Could you?  We are such a consumerist society buying all our needs and wants, but beyond shedding our wealth to huge companies and factory workers in other nations we are loosing this other precious resource. We’ve lost touch with what it takes to make.

This first seemed apparent to me in college when one of my roommates (sweet and innocent as can be) and I were trying to sew something.   After threading the needle and making a few stitches she turned to me unable to understand why they were not staying in…  she had forgotten to tie a knot at the end of her thread.  While this seems like a simple mistake, I ask the question is common knowledge becoming uncommon?

They may not be perfect but they will do more than fine for what they are.  Will you spend the time this week to make something – a home cooked meal, ride your bike to the store, or try something new like sewing?  It may take a bit longer and you might mess up a bit, but I can guarantee you will feel that sense of accomplishment, enjoyment in your toil and maybe just learn a new skill.

* did I say cloth napkins, I meant to say pirates hats!


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3 responses to “the lost art of making

  • nobusysignal

    I love the home spun hearth warm feel of your blog post, God bless.

  • briellethefirst

    Sometimes people don;t try because they think of all the stuff that could go wrong ant scare themselves out of it. Sometimes I wonder how we grew up since we usually didn’t think first & just did…only realizing later “OMG, what if…!” but we sure learned a lot replacing shingles, swimming in canals, climbing trees & making all sorts of things that terrify us now that we see our kids doing them or overhear them whispering to their friends so we don’t find out! Keep up the good work and make more stuff!

  • hairyprincess

    The napkins turned out great! I love them!
    I’m not very good at sewing, but have recently learned to knit and crotchet so having lots of fun experimenting with those!

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