For Eunice: Mint julep ice-cream & Burbon fudge brownies

As newlyweds we lived in Kentucky for a few years as my husband finished his MDiv.  Our first (itty bitty) apartment was half of a starter home that had been split into a duplex.  On the other side lived the owner the sweetest 85+ year old woman, Eunice.  She was proper in ever southern way,  I loved catching a glimpse of her on shopping day which came once a month.  She transformed into this glamorous woman complete with faux fur coat and lipstick.  I once caught her on a ladder trying to change a light bulb and had to convince her that she could come down, so I could help.  You could never just talk for a moment, she alway invited me over, eventually she would even let me in when her hair wasn’t done!  I rarely turned the heat on during the winter because she kept her half so warm the heat radiated over.  Sometimes she sang opera or old hymns, those made their way over to our quarters.

It was in that little apartment that A and I blended (beated or whipped might be a better word) our very different cooking backgrounds in our journey to oneness.  I also made my first batch of ice-cream ever in that little space.  I often would take plates of food and bowls of soup over to Eunice who didn’t like to cook for just one, other than that I think she lived off of diet coke.  She used to say in her sweet voice “you’re an artist in and out of the kitchen!”  I loved that phrase, it still makes me smile.

Although we never attended the Kentucky Derby  day which was held this past weekend, I make this weeks flavor in honor of the late Eunice.  She was a faithful servant with a loving heart, I sure am glad our paths crossed.  About a year ago I got a hankering to look her up and ran into her obituary online.  It unfortunately was missing all the personal and sweet details that are impressed in my mind of this ever-giving lady.  May she be rejoicing in the Lord’s full joy and love today!

I used these recipes Mint Julep Ice-cream and  this isn’t my exact recipe but this is close for Burbon fudge brownies.  So good. Enjoy!


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