Why Edie is wrong…

When I was 16 years old, my parents got me a cd player for my birthday.  I didn’t even have any cd’s for it until a friend of mine gave me an Edie Brickell disc.  I listened to that over and over, honestly what choice did I have?  Feeling slightly down tonight I headed out on what became a three-mile attitude adjustment walk – one of Edie’s sad songs came to my mind.  Circle of friends  (selected lyrics below)

Me, I’m a part of your circle of friends
and we notice you don’t come around 
Me, I think it all depends 
on you touching ground with us. 
But, I quit. I give up. 
Nothing’s good enough for anybody else
it seems. 

And being alone 
is the best way to be. 
When I’m by myself it’s 
the best way to be. 
When I’m all alone it’s 
the best way to be. 
When I’m by myself 
nobody else can say goodbye. 

So yep pretty sad beginning, but as I walked I realized that I sang this as an emotional roller coaster high-schooler not as the woman I have become.   I have hidden truth in my heart and simply there is just not enough room to harbor these insecure feelings…  I found myself walking at this point on our rails-to-trails path that runs through the middle of town, there was a slight breeze blowing the tall grass off on the sides.  I left the path and comfortably ran my hand along the tops of the seeded grass as I walked meditating on the fact that the Lord is always with me.  The attributes that I studied this year began to take over the songs melodies as I picked up my walking pace.  God is…





my rock

my shelter





and then a car came barreling towards me on an abandoned road which sent a slight fear in me since I was walking alone near dusk.  When he drove by I saw he was a pizza delivery truck.

God you are “deliverer”.

I am not alone, not abandoned,  You are always around and you never give up on me.  I am never better by myself only better when I am with you.


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