the tangible permanence of a handmade book

I’ve had the privilege of creating a custom guestbook for a place that we love dearly.  A place that is all about guests, stories, and recording God sightings.  It’s a place of change, the kind you want to record to forever remember and pass on to your children.

In an age of computers, facebook status updates, blog posts, and tweets, the moment that it takes to post, fleets just as quickly after read.   This book was made to record and to tangibly hold real memories and experiences recorded in ones own script.  It will go in our founder’s guest house and will serve as a running log, I can’t wait to see the first enteries but even more so the content.   I know from my heart that stories will be written on more than pages but the hearts of our guests and staff.  The weight of the book will reflect the heft of the moments.

This year SpringHill launched their Kids Need Camp campaign.  Today’s children, face more media distractions and spend less time outside or in meaningful spiritual conversation.  I love that SpringHill flips those numbers around for every week a kids spends at camp.  Now that’s something to write about.

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