with just a spotter kayak

This summer “my” pool is under construction, which has been a halt in my workout regime.  But, I am learning how to diversify, I trained and ran my first 10k this spring.  It was a great goal and accomplishment for me but still doesn’t feel as natural as the water.

Recently I have been captivated by  Diana Nyad‘s story who at the age of 61 swam 56.16 miles in 29 hours.  I should mention that those miles were open water, shark infested, and between cuba and florida.   I love her story, her passion for swimming, and her zeal to meet new goals despite age.  Here’s a quote from her site “Until a year ago, I hadn’t swum a stroke for 31 years. Swimmer’s burnout gripped me to the point that I could have sworn I would never, ever swim a lap again in my life. But approaching 60 last year threw me into the existential angst of wondering what I had done with my life. I felt choked by how little time seemed left.”  

I am a little older than Diana was when she hung up her cap and goggles the first time, yet I know what she meant about swimmers burnout.  There was a time when I couldn’t remember how to have fun in a pool, all I did was swim laps.  I am thankful that I have learned a new balance in the water,  I can enjoy the training and the recreation.  I haven’t done a lot of open water swimming, other than a few triathlons, but her story definitely inspired me. A quick google search revealed all kinds of open water and long distance swims, I feel like a whole new world just opened.  Is there something that you were once captivated by that you gave up on?  Is there a new goal or idea that you need to dive into?

Last week on vacation at our cottage, I swam across our little lake, which is quite a bit further than this photo appears, especially on the way back when you swim against the wind.  My sister-in-law joined me in a spotter kayak, luckily there weren’t many boats out that day.   It felt good to be in the open water, to get into a rhythm with the waves and not be hindered by flipturns or walls.  I would love to train for a longer swim but even if  it’s just sandy lake this may be a new summer tradition.

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