crazy about moo

I have been using these mini tags from moo for a while now but I just ordered a new box in the mail.  I love this company!   They will print up to 100 different images on the back side of you card.  So if you are an artist this is a great way to promote your work and use all those images you work so hard on  (if not they have templates you can use).

Moo cards are definitely novel and great conversation starters.   They are thick & glossy, professional looking cards – worth every penny and undoubtedly a FEW steps up from printing your own.  I was not paid to give them a glowing review,  I’m just crazy about moo.  Check out their website for all kinds of ideas, and products  (even christmas cards…)   This time I ventured into some of their other goods; stickers and postcards.   Correspondence, here I come.


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4 responses to “crazy about moo

  • Marta Sofia

    I’ve been meaning to make some new ones for me! It’s an amazing way to promote your work!

  • Mattea

    I too, LOVE Moo. I’ve only done the regular business cards, and more recently the Mini-moo cards. For any creative business I think the mini’s are perfect, because they stand apart without being obnoxious, not to mention having an entire portfolio in your hands! Sometimes I let people choose which one they want, or I will include more relevant ones when I send/give an order.
    What do you think about the stickers? Worth their money? I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting some.

    • Kate

      I do a lot of shipping so the stickers are fun to add to the wrappings inside. Yup, they are just FUN.
      The postcards are awesome, they are double sided and print up beautifully.
      Moo just had an anniversary sale 25% off, so I stocked up. Sales are the best time to try new products.

      What are you making these days Mattea, do you have a site?

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