grand entrance

We have a great front porch but it is bare and void of character.  We have been so focused on fixing up the inside and adding landscaping we have spent little time on the front of our house.  I have been wanting to put numbers up for a while and was getting a bit tired of explaining to folks, it’s the one between the funky blue house and the halloween house (they like the decorative inflatables).  So I finally made some proper numbers to adorn our abode.   I made the numbers out of stoneware clay and used some of my clay journal covers that did make the cut due to warping or whatever reason and smashed them up for the mosaic.  You can make your own version using pre-made numbers and whatever tile pieces, sea glass, broken dishes… whatever fits!  Hopefully this will be installed this weekend (hint hint… love).  Click on the more button to read the DIY.

1. Cut your plywood to size.  Prep all your materials – this is the fun part.  I highly recommend wearing safety glasses to protect those precious eyes, I usually cover my tiles with a cloth, then swing at them with a hammer to break them into pieces.  If you do it on newspaper it is much easier to clean up the little bits.  Wear protective eye-wear, I’ll say it again, it is soo important!  Arrange tiles according to your choosing.

2. Next I cover my design with clear contact paper.  This allows you to transfer the design off the wood and directly back without wasting all your hard work.  If you are working a large design you can cut the contact paper into sections, so that it is easier to manage.

3. Using a beveled trowel, I applied a tile adhesive/ mastic to the surface of the board.  Then I laid my contact sheets with tile back onto the board.  The mastic will take about 12-20 hours to completely harden and cure.  You can gently pull the contact paper off early to adjust any tiles.

4. Grout comes in all kind of colors.  I had gray and white on hand but I really wanted charcoal black so the numbers popped.  You can buy this pre-mixed or in powder form.  Cover all your areas to fill in all the small cracks.  Follow the directions on the product,  usually you leave it for 10 minutes before you wipe it clean.

5. Clean off all tiles using a wet sponge.  The grout will completely dry within 24 hours.  I plan on trimming the sides with wood then applying hangers to display on my front porch.  For as long as this project sat in my basement – it really is quite simple to knock out in a weekend.  I’m happy!


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