treasure trove

words… my mom gifted me with these boxes this weekend. These treasures were hidden amongst my late grand-mothers things.  On Halloween it will be 8 years since she was taken in a traffic accident.  I still miss her.  She was one of my biggest encouragers when it came to pursuing the arts.  I have so many fond memories of her, as she graced stages with her beautiful voice and her endless creative ideas.  It’s a treasure of memories and trove of crafty girly ness.  Oh the buttons,  fur collars, 15+ pairs of gloves, sequins, lace cowls, pink shimmery fabrics…. my girls are dying to dive into all this.  I should just let them go at it, in a way it would be passing on a legacy.  What good is it to hoard and protect what begs to release creative freedom.  What would you do with all these things?


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4 responses to “treasure trove

  • Erin

    I love bringing Grandma to all of the events. For Kari’s wedding I painted my right pinky finger in memory of her (she always had that nail painted a different color). And for Kari’s wedding shower I wore a scarf (handmade by Kate of course) because she loved to teach classes on how to wear scarves. I miss my Grandma too. I wonder if all these treasures might smell a little like her to help bring back the memories?

    • Kate

      Faintly, it smells a bit like stale perfume. I searched for her handwriting, but only found the occasional business card and address label (which of course is a memory all in itself.) She was so feminine – my girls would have loved meeting her.

  • Diane

    I have some of my grandmother’s table linens. At first they seemed to fragile to use; I was worried about stains and such. But thinking of her made me realize she would much rather they be on my table than sitting in a box.

  • Dad

    you make it all look so appealing! I had forgotten that the lacy gloves were in there….when Kari saw them she was disappointed she hadn’t been able to use them for her wedding. oh well, thanks for posting all these fun memories!

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