chocolate-studded Grand Marnier ice cream and a dark chocolate orange soufflé

I think I have shared about my dad’s consumable only Christmas present rule before.  In keeping with that I told him I wanted a bottle of Grand Marnier for Christmas, since I always use substitutes for orange liqueur in recipes… It never seems worth the price for 2 tbsp.  They visited a few weekends ago and he delivered my Christmas present early.  Since then, it has been sitting on top of the fridge patiently waiting.

Celebrating my good friends birthday today, I cracked open the seal and made these two recipes;  chocolate-studded Grand Marnier ice cream and a dark chocolate orange soufflé.  Notice the soufflé didn’t even make it into the picture.  They were gone instantly – which is exactly how a soufflé should be eaten.  Happy Birthday S!

* Check out that wax seal on the bottle – I feel a little artistic obsession coming on.  Maybe a little seal will grace the backs of our Christmas cards this year- hummmm.


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3 responses to “chocolate-studded Grand Marnier ice cream and a dark chocolate orange soufflé

  • Kari

    That’s so funny about the seal – Dana was the phantom of the opera for halloween – we went to the Quillman’s for trick-or-treating and the boys didn’t know who that way – the closest they could figure was “2 face” from Batman…so we started watching the movie. Dana so wanted to do a wax seal on our invites :) but after watching (and singing along with) the Phantom of the Opera movie, is SO wanting the phantom’s wax seal. It will be cool to see what you come up with!

  • Kate

    yeah we endured the scarlet pumpernickel film, where he had this ring that was a stamp, it actually had two stamps that flipped around. It was pretty cool. I’ll have to think of something good. I wonder if the stamp has to be made of metal?

  • Dad

    no it can be made of wood also, we made them in high school art/history class.

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