provisions in the waiting


Ever sick of waiting?  Wondering what else can possible go wrong?  We have been looking for a second vehicle, after 9 years of sharing one car – it’s time.  After months of looking through used cars we decided that it made most sense for us to sell the car we currently owned for a larger family car plus buy that second car.  Uggh what’s worse than going car shopping – looking for 2 cars!  Luckily after narrowing the search for 5 months… we found something modest for my husbands short commute just before our car sold. Back to one car.   A few weeks later we FINALLY found the second car but have been waiting a few weeks for the title  before it can officially be ours… waiting.

Meanwhile our 15-year-old washing machine broke.  Being fixers we tracked down some you-tube videos, to see what the problem was.  We ordered the $4 part, plus $8 shipping. And you know what – it just didn’t work.  Is it worth it at this point to pay for a repair man?  Lured by holiday adds, we are diving into a new machine, which is currently sold out but they will be able to deliver after Thanksgiving – waiting.  Here’s a photo from the local laundry mat, $10 a week to wash clothes, drying is even more expensive but I just take them home, my dryer works fine.  Feeling empathetic for those that do this every week – how we take this for granted.

Last night, my husband was driving down to the city to get a early start on a trip to a meeting in Ohio.  His work car began having mechanical problems.  I called 5 car rental places in the area he was for him, they were all sold out.  God provided another way.  He went to go fill the borrowed car up with gas and his work card was declined because his number had been compromised, by someone across the country?  He is supposed to be home later today – Lord willing.

As I reflect on the timing of all this, I am filled with a slight sense of humor and unforeseen gratitude.  God provides for us even in the time of waiting.  Our expectations not being met do not equal a lack of provision!   Let us not be disappointed in the simple trials, He is so good and worth the wait!


Lamentations 3:24-26
 I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;  therefore I will wait for him.” 
The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; 
 it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD.

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