sugar plum fairy cupcakes…

We have double birthdays in December.  Therefore, I have been baking up a storm for birthdays, the holidays and classroom parties.  It all kinds of swirls together, my older child asked for gingerbread cookies to take to school for her class treat and the younger one asked for fairy cupcakes.  They are a tit-ch on the girly side but you know what, not one preschool boy complained about the purple frosting and I saw one slip the fairy into his pocket, maybe he’ll torment her with his action figures later or blow her up.   I’m just crossing one more thing off my list and maybe slipping into a sugar coma…  Happy Birthday to my sweeties!


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I am a wife, mother, friend, artist, swimmer, traveler, cook, adventurer and follower of Christ. This is where I share the best moments in my day – the kind you know would be a crime to keep to yourself. I write like I talk, not too fancy but from the heart. View all posts by Kate

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