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I should have stayed away…  I have been putting off joining pinterest but this week I caved!  Its kind of like a creative overload for me, and I can’t believe how many of my friends are on it!  Honestly I already have files of images on my computer and folders of magazine clippings, so this is nothing new, just addictive.  We have one of those houses with a floor to ceiling wall of bookshelves, but my husband just got a kindle, in theory to minimize the actual books to digital files.  Perhaps pinterest is my craft kindle???  It sounds good in theory  but I know we are set in our ways.

Here is an idea that I re-pinned and tried.  The theory is to make a tie-dye effect sans the dye.  Using permanent markers,  I used *gasp* BIC markers, which is totally against my sharpie loyalty.   You simply draw on the fabric then use a dropper to add drops of rubbing alcohol which diffuses the marker.  The girls and I tried two different fabrics stretched over embroidery hoops and cookie cutters to see if this method could hold a shape – NOPE.  Here’s the thing, this method makes it look like it is cleaner than tie – dye  but it’s really not. #1 you are using permanent markers, which if you trust your kid (or some adults :) with could become a big mess #2 The rubbing alcohol makes the markers run on your fingers everything it touches (with permanent ink),  #3 The alcohol has a VERY strong odor.

So it was a cute idea, simple and most of the items a typical household has on hand. But, given it takes the same amount of time and the smell,  I think this family will keep the camp tradition and just dye fabric the old fashion way.   And pinterest?  I hold my review for a while, I am having too much fun finding new ideas to try!

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2 responses to “pin it

  • knotrune

    I love Pinterest :) I caved just before Christmas and it has been very inspirational in my New Year project of sorting the house out – changed in emphasis from boring tidying up to the wonderfully creative Home Beautification Project! And I look forward to rewarding myself when the table is finally clear with some cool craft projects :)

  • wbabdullah

    I am in the same boat as you sis! I’ll admit it–I’m a hoarder…of paper, art materials, yarn…and bookmarks! And now Pinterest has just enabled me to share my love of websites with the world and hoard more…can’t wait to follow you on there and see what you’re “hoarding” up your sleeve fellow art teacher! I just joined yesterday…

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