origami paper dolls

Somedays when you have a bad day at school because the gym teacher makes you play volleyball and you’re no good at it and it just about ruins your whole day, you need a little craft time with your mom afterschool, making something fun like origami paper dolls and somehow the frown from the corner of your lips begin to turn back up.


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4 responses to “origami paper dolls

  • Shari Jackson

    how fun! I’m glad you remembered the Christmas crafts up on the shelf. I was just contemplating doing origami with the kids next week!

    • Kate

      not forgotten, just saving for the right moments. I helped a lot… but older kids would enjoy these greatly! She is very proud of them.

  • Leila Jisr Moussa

    how lovely!! any hints on how to make them? could use some “kids fun time” inspiration…

    • Kate

      Leila, I am learning these special little crafts make life all the more fun – especially at the right moments!
      I made these from a little kit actually. So I don’t have a digital template. perhaps a google search could yield some tips?

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