drawing on clay

I took a moment this week to check out the drawing clay exhibit at Central Michigan University.   Showcasing pieces on loan from artists all over the country such from Jenny Mendes, Beth Lambert & Woozel, Israel Davis and JustinRothshank, see more here. I took my nut along and she made a little art of her own, of all the slides on the wall she chose a frame of the Guggenheim  museum and drew her own rendition.

It was so refreshing to see art in 3-D,  I have been looking at lots of images lately but appreciated experiencing the pieces from all sides and getting to see the spectrum of colors of the unglazed portions of clay, earthenware, terra-cotta, stone-wares and porcelains.  I am encouraged by the realm of possibilities in the different firings (wood, gas, electric) and the  different types of surface design on clay.   Many prints, decals and  layers of slip & glaze.  Inspiring for sure, it runs until Saturday.


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