lessons from the bunny hill

We are pretty busy in summer around here, so I really wanted to start something with our family that we could grow in, in a season wide open for us.  So this year I took a gamble and gifted the girls some skis and passes at a local hill as their Christmas present.  They LOVED it!  It was confirmed when my husband stated “this was a really good idea.”

I was also able to knock off several of my new years resolutions with this little trip we just took.  We snuck away for a little winter retreat at just the right time – we arrived at Crystal after the snow fell and after the power came back on. The trees were absolutely gorgeous weighted down with snow, and the sunshine peeking out to greet us from time to time.  Here’s what our family gleaned from skiing together;

  • Quality Time:  As I thought about this it became more apparent, when do we as a family spend 5 hours of uninterrupted or undistracted time together in the outdoors?  I find we do this best with little day trips, when it’s marked out on the calendar and we are away from our normal daily activities.
  • Accomplishment:  I wouldn’t hide the few tears from our first outing in January, because they bring more joy to the smiles we get now.  They started like anyone else on the bunny hill,  my husband and I tag-teamed teaching them ourselves.  Now, we spend way more time on the chair lifts and  racing down the green and blue runs, but they still like going back to the bunny hill to practice new “tricks”.  They learn so much now without even realizing it, it is such a joy to see them maneuver on their own and become independent.
  • Fun:  Sure we are all learning new skills, gaining coordination, control and strength, but more than that we are having fun!  Sometimes it is good to let loose of the goals, rules, and bury the cell phone in a deep pocket, and just enjoy one anothers company.  That’s something I am completely behind investing in!

Even though this winter has been bizarre according to the weather reports, we have had the BEST winter!  Wistfully I acknowledge this is a turning point for our family,  as the snow melts the girls are shedding their toddler-hood and have fully grown into the big kid realm.  The confidence they gained on the slopes has transferred beyond and to the pool, as they “FINALLY” go underwater and are starting to swim on their own.  I find my self enjoying their company as I laugh with them now as their little humor matures.  There is no greater joy as a parent than seeing your child claim the things you love the most for themselves…  Little nut said to me “mom, let’s do this in a pattern, swim, ski, swim ski…”  Oh, melt my heart, three of my favorite things.

“oh no, Flynn Rider is covered in snow!”


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I am a wife, mother, friend, artist, swimmer, traveler, cook, adventurer and follower of Christ. This is where I share the best moments in my day – the kind you know would be a crime to keep to yourself. I write like I talk, not too fancy but from the heart. View all posts by Kate

One response to “lessons from the bunny hill

  • Grandpa

    I don’t know about the swim part… but I have always been fond of the eat, sleep, ski, scenario. You GO girls! Papa

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