winter/spring book list

These are the books that have been accumulating on the little woven chair next to my bed.   At certain times they are scattered about the house, lost for a time, until peeked interest goes looking for it again.  I have been rotating chapters over the last few months, unaware of the growing pile.  Each has its own little place and time for this infrequent and “the atmosphere has to be just right” reader.

Mercy, love, thankfulness, gratitude, redemption, fullness, shaping, forgiving, transforming – If I could just finish them I would be a better person.

There is one more book that I should have added to the stack. It is not one that can be checked off the list but is the foundation of the pile.  Yet,  it too was misplaced this week, lost under a pile of papers, but unlike the others it did not yield an organic search but a rather frantic one.  It was very apparent to me without MY bible I felt very lost.  Somehow this worn book with creased pages, coffee stains and underlined portions feels like a passport to my soul – my ticket to travel/ move.  It is quoted in every one of those books pictured above, they aim to explain and grasp it’s principles and promises.  To the one seeking it will never disappoint, to the skeptic it is not revealed.

I’ve been happily reunited with MY book,  if I read it daily for as long as I live I know it will transform my heart, mind, marriage, children, attitude, everything I hold dear.

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