since monday

Since Monday I have been busy working down in the studio.  I am trying to squeeze one more kiln load in before the Cadillac Artwalk next weekend.  I am really enjoying repetitive shapes lately, and monday was all about large soup mugs with textured handles.  I used my carved feather to press into the handles and have a little series of feather print journals coming soon….    I also carved some new stamps to press into clay after they are bisqued, can’t wait to try these little guys out.  The last photo is a pinterest inspired work, clay bangles that make a lovely clanking sound when worn together!

I am brainstorming how to work this summer when two little girls are off school.  Nevertheless I am planning on doing a few (indoor) shows this fall, I always get more accomplished when I have a goal.  Anyone know of any good ones in Michigan that I should try?

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