a new classroom

The girls headed outdoors for a new class this week…  such perfect weather all sun and cooler temps.  S is thrilled she is finally old enough to do some “real” riding with the older kids.  She spent a chunk of time this week mastering “hugs & kisses” and figure 8’s.  Camp has such a great horse program,  it was good to see so many camp kids out and giving our new staff an opportunity to practice before summer (like you had to twist their arms…)

I am so thankful to have so many awesome riders & wranglers in our life, so that I can just be a supportive mom on the side and keep in my flip flops.  I like horses, especially pictures of them. I just get a little nervous sometimes at their size and will,  perhaps it’s a clash of personalities!  But the girls, they love them,  I am sure these two will be counting down the days until they can sign up for horse camp.  Hope you have a great weekend & fathers day!


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