one check off the list…

I survived…. and I’m embarrassed it’s already Friday…

Last Saturday, it rained on and off all day, down right pouring at times, most instance it sent all vendors scrambling to the sides of their tent to hold them down or move stuff inside.  I think I was on a lucky corner, somewhat protected from the elements.  My stuff ended up being moved all over the place, mostly from the rain.  On the bright side, there was a steady flow of people, even a few from our town who came up to support me – so sweet of them!    I did reach my goal I had set ahead of time and it was just such a great learning experience.  I am so thankful my sister was able to help, she was awesome!

A couple of sweet things, I scored the shelving unit from a potter who didn’t need them anymore,  after a little stain and new shelves, they were so sturdy and held so much stuff.  Also, I had originally planned to paint a backdrop for my tent, but truthfully it was an epic fail!  On Friday I took a picture of one of my books and added my name and had a friend at camp print it on vinyl, another friend had a grommet maker for the corners.  In the end I am glad my first sign didn’t work out, the back-up plan turn out so much better!


I was afraid to leave my tent all day, so I only got around to a few other vendors.  One thing that I could see from my spot was this adorable crocheted bunting.  After glancing over at it all day, I finally struck up a conversation with the crafters and ended up with a trade for one of my mugs!   I am glad I got to bring something home,  selling vs attending a show is just a totally different experience.   It is good but it is a lot of work! I think I’ll try something indoors next…



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