artsy fartsy in todos santos

Ok, this is my last post of vacation photos… promise.   One of my requirements for vacation is “art.”  Pretty broad – a museum, workshop, gallery – just something to inspire a little creativity.  I was thrilled to learn a town 15 minutes from where we were staying was the famous artist colony of Todos Santos.  The people here are proud of their little town, laid back, sleepy seaside location, and the number of international artist “residents.”   I loved Jill Logan’s painted waves and landscapes, the silver, hammered copper sinks, and a collaborative mosaic located in the center of the town.  Definitely inspiring.

A friend of mine had recommend the novel The Red Tent, earlier this summer, which I took on vacation and actually finished!  It was a very interesting read, loosely based on Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob.  It imagines life and traditions ancient womanhood, childhood, marriage, and the roles of each.  I have been reading a book on Ruth as well, which is more biblically accurate, and have enjoyed the contrast and overlap of the two.  It has been interesting to let the mind wander to what it would be like to live during ancient bible times and the stark contrast of what life is like as an American woman.  So all of this was floating around in my mind while in Mexico, a foreign land, with my husband… still pondering all that.   For some reason we had a very difficult time with meals on our trip, choosing restaurants, ordering, timing;  but the last night we went to Taquila’s sunrise in Todos Santos, and had such an awesome meal.  We even watched a local parade signaling the beginning of their festival go by.  I was so thankful for the hospitality, good dessert, and on top of my meal were white pomegranate seeds.


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