t-rex gave me the flu




We spent Christmas in Pittsburgh,  our one outing was to the natural history museum.  Everyone had a good time, I could feel it coming on – I am not sure how t-rex gave me the stomach flu since he doesn’t have a stomach or an immune system but I am sure it’s from him.  Then the whole family went to the spaghetti warehouse for dinner while I slept in the car.  I laid low over the holidays, I finished my study on Ruth (more on that later), and my favorites at the museum were the minerals and gems (more on that later too).  I am going to stretch my little week into another blog post or two so I don’t feel as guilty about not posting as much this year. Which I said I would never do (the guilty part) but it just happens.  I haven’t made many new goals yet this year but (more on that later…!)



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