forget the bunnies

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I wish I could say this was purely by discipline that I am working ahead on Easter projects.  But truthfully it is fueled by my new dining room table.  I have been slightly obsessed with tablecloths, vases, plates…. decorative stuff that I put little value on previously.  After following a few internet rabbit holes (pun intended) literally everything I saw was completely designed around fluffy bunnies and eggs. What a sad thing this holiday has become…


As if plastic eggs could ever replace the amazing story, of love, death, resurrection, and redemption found in the Bible.  I know hospitality is more than decorations and menus,  it is about the welcoming.   Oh to share a meal and have ones home reflect  the warmth of the Savior. It’s a learning and making season for me.   I am enjoying my Mains book , “If Christians, corporately would begin to practice hospitality, we could play significant roles in redeeming our society.  There is no better place to be about the redemption of society with the captive, the blind, the downtrodden, the more we realize that in this inhospitable world, a Christian home is a miracle to be shared. ”  Do you have an Easter or Lenten tradition in your home?

east 2


Daffodils have long been some of my favorite spring bulbs.  Emerging warm yellow blooms from the snow-covered ground.  I carved two new daffodil blocks and used old printers letter stamps to lay significance in the clay.  We’ll see how these fire up and fill with spring blooms.


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  • Helen Open

    Thanks for such a meaningful message. We need such online. Keep up the good work. On a practical note I am doing pottery and use thr artistic paft of me to create designs and patterns. I love transfer of decor onto clay or bisque. I came across inkodye photographic printing info in my local store. So am looking on how I can use this method to decorate my ware. That’s how I came across your article. Pls give me some info about it. Thks and God bless.

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