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I think our kids school district is trying out a year-round calendar unknowingly through snow days…  we have surpassed the alloted days, so every day from here on out will be tacked on in June.   Oh joy!   While my kids are happy to be out of school, I am eager to jump back in.
I tried to get into this class at Hollanders last fall but it sold out too quickly.  This past weekend I had another shot,  Barbara Brown did an excellent job teaching us how to make these gorgeous leather wrap journals.  See those paper signatures all those pages were torn by hand and using a paper knife… not my favorite part, but I love the sewing!  I thought this design would be a great use for some of my buttons and beads.  Beyond that I just always feel a boost of creative energy whenever I take a class,  it helps me beat the winter blues…


A few other folks in the class let me take some photos of their work,  I am always amazed to take part in classes with such talented people.  It wasn’t too long ago I just longed for this kind of experience but failed to follow through, paralyzed by insecurities, scheduling, and fear of costs. Have you taken a workshop in something you are interested in lately?  It was an investment worth while,  here I’ll give you my top 3 reasons.
  1. It builds your resume and confidence in your craft.  Taking classes often leads me down new paths.  I have gained confidence in my artwork and exploring creatively.
  2. It is a source of entertainment.  There are a ton of classes/workshops out there to fit every budget.  I got on my computer and searched for classes in my area and online.  I am excited to start this clayer class next month, I get to participate from my own studio!
  3. It is cheaper and more effective than therapy!  It is hard to stay in a funk when you are learning something new that you are interested in. It typically gives me a jolt of productivity as well (who couldn’t use a few tons of that!)

Cheers to learning!


DSC_0868 DSC_0872

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