hold me near


This weekend I got away on a little retreat, well really I was taking a class but I was alone for the six-hour car ride.  I found myself thinking, praying and singing (very loudly and badly…) to pass the time.  Of the little music  I had with me this song was from one of the cd’s I listened to repeatedly, “hold me near” by Karla Adolphe/ enter the worship circle.  It is based on one of my favorites, psalms 73.

Hold Me Near

Hold me near when I’m restless
Hold me near when I’m bitter
Hold me near when I”m rebellious
Hold me near until the end
Hold me near when my heart is broken
Hold me near when I’m ignorant
Hold me near when I am jealous
Hold me near until the end
But as for me my feet almost gave out I nearly sold my heart
It’s good to be held by my Father it’s good to be where you are
We are creating these theme/scripture paintings as one of the spring crafts for the women’s retreat.  I just had to try it out ahead of time with some left over supplies I had at home and the lyrics from the song & psalm 73.  I love reading into the phrase,  it just has layers for me.

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