same thing

loft stripe katharine morling

Living in a small town surrounded by woods, I would never call myself a fashionista…   Not that people don’t care about how they look, heels just aren’t practical on dirt roads.  I didn’t grow up here, so somewhere deep down there’s a little part of me that still likes clothes and dressing up. This desire just usually gives way to chaco sandals and yoga pants…   I am super thankful my whole life isn’t dictated by style and my budget is super thankful too.  Yet every-once in a while I get sucked in and this is how my brain thinks…

a conversation with my husband.
me:  “I really like this blouse” (looking at sites online – of course)
a:    “yeah, that’s cool” (not really paying attention)
me: “It looks like this ceramic artist’s work that I have been spotting on pinterest. ”    
         (now looking on pinterest for said picture)
a:  (looking over trying to catch up and connect what I just said to the photos now in front of him.)
       “I don’t think I could ever buy you clothes.” 
What?  Can’t you see they’re the same thing!
So I have no idea when I will wear it or where to but
I bought it for myself… and a new pair of heels.

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