Ice Cream!

For Christmas (2010) I opened a brand new green ice-cream maker from my mother-in-law.  I had an older version which uses rock salt and ice, but truthfully it was so loud and took over an hour to churn. I rarely used it except in the summer, in which I would have to time it, turn it on, run to camp for dinner and get home an hour later to turn it off.  The new and improved machine comes with a freezer bowl and I can make a batch in 15-20 minutes – Amazing!  My husband a long time lover of the sweet stuff is so excited about my (His) new gift!

We already had a Ben & Jerry’s cookbook, which is excellent and a great start, but I also have scoured other cookbooks, online sources, and received a few favorites from friends.  I have given myself the waist-line increasing goal of making one new flavor a week for the whole year.   So 52 flavors, which is quite a few more than the Baskin’ Robbins boast of 31. This may be the most backwards new years resolution, but I am confident our active little family can handle the challenge!

Do you have a favorite flavor or recipe, send it to me at


1. Mint chocolate chip ice-cream

2. Maple-Walnut ice-cream

3. Vanilla Bean ice-cream & tarte aux pommes

4. Peanut butter cup ice-cream

5. Starbucks Coffee ice-cream

6. Andes Mint ice-cream

7. Strawberry ice-cream

8. Pistachio ice-cream

9. Strawberry and coconut ice-cream

10. Lemon Buttermilk sorbet

11. Carmel Latte ice-cream & Chocolate pecan pie

12. Cookies and cream ice-cream

13. Cinnamon Ice-cream & crêpes and sautéed apples

14.  Lemon-blueberry buttermilk sorbet

15. Almond ice-cream

16. Fresh orange sorbet

17. Chocolate hazelnut gelato

18. Mint Julep ice-cream and Bourbon Fudge brownies

19. rhubarb Sorbet

20.  Carmel Sea-salt ice cream

21.  lemonade ice cream

22. Peanut butter ice cream with recees pieces

23. Strawberry & Black Currant Balsamic ice cream

24. Strawberry Cabernet ice cream

25. Five herb ice milk

26. Mocha Java Chip ice cream with walnuts

27. Lemon basil ice cream

28.  Mocha raspberry ice cream

29. cherries jubilee ice cream pie

30. Blueberry gelato

31. Butter Pecan Sandie ice cream

32. Cantaloupe basil sorbet

33. Blueberry mint gelato

34. Fresh raspberry frozen yogurt

35. Peach thyme ice cream sandwiches with molasses cookies

36. Pumpkin latte spICE cream with chai infused whipped cream

37. Apple cider ice cream with baked apples

38.  Weinhard’s root beer ice cream

39. Braden’s everything candy birthday ice cream

40. Chocolate-studded Grand Marnier ice cream with bittersweet chocolate orange souffles

41. Mocha brownie ice cream

42. Apple pie ice cream

43. Caramel Nog ice cream

44. Peppermint Ice cream

45. Cannoli Ice cream

46. Gingerbread Ice cream

47. Mint Chocolate ice cream with peppermint crunch

48. White Russian Ice Cream



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