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When you take the leap, and the ground gives way…

9I have been trying to write this post for weeks… at first I was anticipating posting a picture of a shiny new RV that would carry our family to neat places around the country.  We planned an epic adventure, a family sabbatical, one of trusting God and waiting on his timing to reveal what was next for us.  We looked forward to reconnecting as a family, investing in our girls who are rapidly approaching tween years, exploring the beautiful land of the free, and living in the space between.  But in the last few months our plans have taken a drastic change, an unbelievable turning of events.

After we were finished at camp,

after I gave my two weeks notice to the school,

after I communicated the plan for our family sabbatical,

after we found the perfect RV and researched our route,

after I packed half our house,

after I thought the change was enough, I went to the doctor…

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clay pendants

This fall, I have really been inspired to make jewelry out of clay.  Specifically stamped words inspired by scripture.  Pages from my lectures the last few weeks are filled with doodles, phrases and sketches all up the sides and at the top.  I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed making these and how excited I am every time a new bach comes out of the kiln.  This winter I will begin selling these in the trading post at SpringHill and they are available in my shop. I so hope they all find good homes, I am growing quite attached to them, but the purpose is to share.  I love the subtle phrases, that are so full of meaning and hope.